Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Episode 15: Salford Chapel - More Visual Updates

Some further updates on the Salford Chapel layout:

To the left of the road bridge I've completed the laying of scenic scatter. The only area remaining in need of scenic scatter is seen to the right of the signal box (above top). This is because I'm waiting to add some maintenance steps on order from gaugemaster. I've added another small patch of painted road next to the headshunts, this plot also features a small shed with some wire drums stacked next to it. (See bellow).

The above shot shows the 'main line' diverging away into a 'tunnel' to the right and, looking back on Episode 13, heads towards the Manchester Central lines... In reality it heads towards the fiddle yard/track. The footpath providing access to the station from the road bridge has been fitted with a wall. 

I painted some cheap strip-wood from Modelzone, (which proved very easy to cut - you only need a Stanley knife!), and painted them using some matt grey model paint. Similar to the type pictured above. Miraculously the colour I chose was exactly the same as the girder bridge! Win!

Another shot showing the 'main line tunnel' and footpath linking to the steps.

I've added two semaphore signals, the one on the right is a station starter for the main or right hand siding; the one on the left services the headshunt.

They both formally started life like this Hornby example (above). I dismantled the top half and tried to glue it to the side of the footpath wall. The glue wasn't strong enough so I dismantled it further and attached the signals individually to the girder bridge. An offcut of the signal support has been used as a 'support' for the footpath bridge. (See above).

The reverse shot showing pedestrian walkway towards the station. You can also see the area above the signal cabin which still needs some scenic scatter adding. I am wondering if the station starter semaphore (left) may be slightly too high and 'out of scale' with the rest of the model, particularly compared to the car pictured... Perhaps I will move it down eventually.

This shot better shows what I mean, it just looks too high doesn't it!?

Anyway, similar to the footpath, some painted stripwood has also been added to the rest of the road bridge.

Another nice shot under the bridge.

Back in the station a wagon is loaded with two wire drums (Bachman) and some milk churns (Hornby Skaledale range). Some additional churns sit on the station. There are no shortage of wagon loads on offer in model shops, but you could also consider this neat little idea, showcased in Episode 9, for making your own.

The reverse shot from the station looking at the signal cabin. Come back soon for some more updates both on Salford Chapel and my Main Layout!

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