Monday, 25 February 2013

Episode 14: Salford Chapel - A Visual Update

So now it has a name I can update you on how it is taking shape...

As you can see I've added some grass scatter. You can check out my Main Layout blog and in particular This Episode to see my technique for adding scatter.

I've added some thicker clumps by the buffer stops and using my finger and some glue, smudged some scatter into the ballast to add to that authentic track-side vegetation look.

I've also painted on a roadway. I've actually used a Dulux tester pot in a matt grey finish. Now of course you can pick up proper model paints - and I have got some for smaller areas which will pop up in future episodes... However, for larger areas consider getting a tester pot from your local hardware store, you'll get more paint for your money, it drys super fast (or at least this one did) and at the end of the day it was very easy to wash off your bush! It also provides a really nice finish! 

In the background you'll notice the bridge now looks, well more bridge like...

These are plastic Peco Bridge Girders and I picked these up from a couple of quid at John Dutfield in Chelmsford, but I've since seen they are pretty common and pop up in modelzones too. You'll also notice I've laid some tarmac, this is the Noch stick on roadway stuff left spare from my Main Layout

For the red-brick-Manchester walls I've simply used sheets of printed pattern. Again, picked up from my favorite model shop for a few pence. To apply the sheets to the wood I created a very watery PVA mix, wallpaper paste like, and this worked perfectly - although it was ever so tricky to stick into place, especially under the bridge. You could of course consider printing your own, or even painting, but this method really is very cheap and easy to achieve something very aesthetically pleasing. I would however recommend sticking the texture sheets onto the wood first and then assembling any structures 2nd...

This is exactly what I did for the rear station walls. Was so much easier! 

Again, this wood came from the B&Q wood yard, but I've since seen that even Modelzone at Westfield's stock strip wood similar to this. Theirs is much flimsier but on the flipside - much easier to cut! 

This close up shows the pre-printed texture sheets come with a finish at the top. The figures are from Noch.

I also came across a plastic stair case pack. This may be harder to come across in Modelzone or similar so I'd recommend your local model shop or the gaugemaster website. I've trimmed to size and will eventually paint for a nicer finish.

And there we have it! More updates soon!

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