Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Episode 10 ½: Layout In Operation 04/11/12

A little video of the layout in operation. Hopefully displaying what the pictures can't.

Things to note:
  • I've added more scenic scatter (the greens and browns) which now covers most of the board. The brown area is intended to be 'yard access' from the main streets. I want to add different colour browns at a later date to make this look more realistic.
  • The addition of some denser/'clumpier' scatter has been added to create the affect of hedge rows. These have also helped separate track bed from grass in a much neater manner. More of this will be added in other areas soon.
  • The gap in scenery at the bottom left of the video, as mentioned in previous Episodes, has been left for a potential level crossing.
  • There is some new cabling shown bottom left. This is a more permanent track power fixture which I will explain in upcoming episodes.
  • Watch out for the de-railing wagon about half way through! And the dodgy camera angle as I try to hide re-alligning it. I'm investigating as to why this occasionally happens.

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